Learning and Teaching


Each child at St. Joseph’s is entitled to thrive in a vibrant learning community and to develop as an engaged, independent and successful learner; as outlined in our Vision statement.

Learning contributes to developing literate and knowledgeable members of our society. Contemporary learning supports, enables and engages the learner to contribute positively to their world. St. Joseph’s offers a contemporary approach to teaching and learning.

Effective learning and teaching practices will enable students to:  

  • Engage in deep learning through inquiry and collaboration
  • Seek truth through critically interpreting today’s world in light of Catholic tradition
  • Embrace difference by seeking out a multiplicity of voices, ideas and practices
  • Flourish through embracing challenges, being versatile, persevering and taking risks
  • Be problem finders and solvers, be creative, curious and open minded
  • Make a difference through being active agents of positive change, building empathy with others and being responsible local and global connected citizens
  • Form relationships by engaging in meaningful conversations with teachers and learners
  • Engage in dialogue by considering complex, moral and ethical questions
  • Engage in deep encounters between tradition and contemporary life
  • Develop and apply skills in order to engage critically and effectively in a multi-modal world
  • Develop authentic learning partnerships with families and community
  • Disrupt the status quo through imagining new futures