On Tuesday 25th February, all students were delighted to have Chris Willocks from Friends of Hooded Plover Mornington Peninsula deliver a fantastic talk on our local Hooded Plover populations. This coincided with the wonderful project that has been commissioned at Sorrento Back Beach; a mural painted by internationally recognized artist Jimmy Dvate (known for his silo painting). Jimmy will be painting Hooded Plovers on the toilet block there. Our students were able to donate $246.85 from a free clothes day, the money going towards future projects in helping to protect these little birds.


Chris Willock’s with year 5/6 students.


Parishioners Chris Burrow’s and Tina Knott working with the year 5/6 students on their research for the garden project this year;

“The Bible Garden”

St Joseph School Fete

Our E-Stall made and run by students.

A grand sum of $293.10 was made. Well done to all the families and children who gave up their time.



Our sustainable parent, Nat Bruce, placing the egg shells in the worm farm from the eggs used making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. Well done.

Clean Up Australia 1st March 2020

Thank you to all the parents and students who attended our first Clean Up Australia day at Webster’s Beach.