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Sustainability at St Joseph’s encompasses all school subjects and extends far beyond the classroom. It gives students real-world skills they can use to improve the planet. It provides today's children with the self-sufficiency they need for tomorrow.

Sustainability provides students with an educational program, physical place, organisational culture and hands on experiences that encourage the development of environmentally conscious global citizens. 


Sustainability at St Joseph’s also brings together environmental education and community engagement. It links the students to the wonderful environment in which they live and ensures an accountability to care for the Sorrento and Mornington Peninsula natural surrounds. Students will receive the education necessary to make their future a reality.


Pope Francis asks the following...

“Show the kind of convictions and attitudes which help to protect the environment. There is a nobility in the duty to care for creation through little daily actions, and it is wonderful how education can bring about real changes in lifestyle.”
– Laudato Si’

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Throughout the year our students have been involved in a number of Sustainability activities, these have included:

Our Year 1/2 students measured time by making their own sand timers; utilising their problem solving skills, how to slow sand down, how to make the sand flow better. This was part of our Beach STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) program.

Our senior 'Green Gang' students planted indigenous plants with Ranger Holly (Point Nepean National Park) and participated in a litter pick up.

During sustainability our students made Hoodie Shelters with Lisa Wilson (Parks Ranger), Point Nepean Men’s Shed Volunteers and Chris Willocks (Friends of the Hooded Plover Group).

Sustainability Acknowledgments

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